3 ways to visit Lucca

A precious jewel of Tuscany

3 ways to visit Lucca

From the streets

A walk along the city streets without a specific destination. With its well-preserved, centuries-old buildings and churches, a visit to Lucca truly lets you step back in time. As you lose yourself in its cobblestone streets, you can’t help but admire its colourful buildings and its stunning architecture.

Lucca has been nicknamed “the city of 100 churches” due to the abundance of them scattered around it. There are churches from several eras such as the Renaissance, Gothic, Medieval and Roman periods. Duomo di San Martino, the Church of Saints Giovanni e Reparata, the church of San Michele, and the Basilica of San Frediano are just some of the beautiful churches that you can visit.

And what about Piazza Amfiteatro? This circular square is absolutely one of the city’s highlights.

3 ways to visit Lucca

From city walls

One of the main things to do in Lucca is to walk or bike along the top of its ancient city walls. These fortified walls are four kilometres long and surround the entire town. Lucca’s medieval walls are one of the few remaining fully intact in Italy. You get a different point of view from the walls, you’ll see hidden gardens as renaissance villa. There are some bike rental around the walls. Here some of them Punto Bici, Turist Center Lucca, Bike rental tourist service, Poli noleggio

3 ways to visit Lucca

From the towers

Lucca has nine remaining defence towers, Some of them are open to the public and you can easily check out the city from above. The most famous tower in Lucca is Torre del Guinigi even has a small tree-lined garden on top. It was built by one of Lucca’s richiest and powerful families. The Torre delle Ore is on Fillungo’s street and is the tallest of Lucca’s towers.

One of the main reasons that you’ll love Lucca is that we don’t have to queue for hours to get inside a monument or fight the crowds to take a photo.

So, Lucca is really special place to spend few day as to live there.

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