Nottolini aqueduct

Water route

This Roman style aqueduct was build from 1823 to 1851 by the project of engineer Lorenzo Nottolini, from Capannori. This water route is 4 km long and is characterized by the mix of elegant classicism and simple and severe architecture. Nottolini’s aqueduct is constituted by a straight line of 459 stone archs (12 metres high), on the summit of which there are two drain pipes. Two reinforced counterforts were built in order to give stability to the structure.

Nottolini aqueduct

The acqueduct takes water from Guamo, at the foot of Monte Pisano crossing all the plain of Lucca ends in the little temple of San Concordio, a circular building in neoclassical and doric style, in which water was gathered in a marble pool.

From the temple of S.Concordio, passing from the rampart of San Colombano, the water was then conveyed to the city, where it supplied the complex system of fountains.

Acquedotto del Nottolini path

You can parking your car at Sorbano del Giudice street near the small stadium or fews hundred meters after (43.821590, 10.514674).

Follow the dirt path that runs alongside the aqueduct arches crossing the countryside between the towns of Lucca and Capannori. Follow this path for about 3 km between suggestive little bridges and sources of water.Then you’ll arrive (after a short uphill stretch) at the small temple of Guamo where the first arch of the aqueduct originates.

photos Claudio Minghi

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